Grains of Salty Truth

  • Bioplastics: No Panacea

    Rather than the cure-all that was proffered, upon closer inspection, bioplastics appear to be a regrettable substitution for conventional plastics. Research shows that bioplastics suffer from toxicity and negative environment impacts like their petroleum-based counterparts.

  • Plastics Hit Men Where It Hurts

    Men, plastics are shrinking your manhood. It’s not a joke. Studies show that chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics contribute to the reduction in size of the male reproductive organ, or the penis.
  • California Becomes First in World to Develop Health Guidelines for Microplastics in Drinking Water

    California will become the first government in the world to develop formal health guidelines for microplastics in drinking water, a sign of increasing concern about the ubiquity of small non-biodegradable pieces of plastic in the environment and their potential harm to human health.
  • Learn to Make Good Coffee!

    Today is March 365+, 2020 and I still need coffee as much as I need the ritual to make that goodness. In steps James Hoffmann and his seductive accent. The first time I applied James' technique my coffee was noticeably more delightful. There is value in learning how to do things better. What a pleasant reminder that, sometimes, it’s okay to walk away from what you feel is “correct.”

  • A Health Reason to Ditch Single-Use Cups

    While awareness is increasing around the harm that single-use cups can wreak on the environment, a new study reveals that disposable plastic products could also present hazards to human health.
  • Work in the Time of Pandemic - Part 2

    Along the way someone taught us that success comes only to those who work hard. Hard work is key. I’m not denying that. However, tying incessant work to success, especially if we define it in terms of material wealth, isn’t the reality for many. Luck also plays a role. When we think about achieving our dreams, we don’t address luck as a factor because it is inimical to narratives about personal sacrifice.
  • Bottle-Fed Babies Ingest Millions of Microplastic Particles Every Day

    The story of plastics and their baleful impact on both the environment and human health continues to get worse. A study published in October found that babies are imbibing millions of microplastics and nanoplastics due to the ubiquitous presence of polypropylene, a common plastic, in baby bottles.
  • Chemical Hazard on Sandy Shores

    Just as the beach season is wrapping up in the northern stretches of U.S. shores, we are learning of a new beach hazard. Beachgoers were already concerned about too much sun exposure, the increasing population of great white sharks in the north Atlantic, and now a concern of our own making appears – Bisphenol A (BPA).
  • Pandemic Coffee

    The coronavirus pandemic has thrust uncertainty on all of us. This personal essay highlights one small way to maintain a semblance of normalcy amongst the ever changing circumstances.
  • Bisphenol X – Know What You Are Consuming

    Regrettable substitutions for Bisphenol A (BPA) leave consumers of certain plastic products with only bad options. Public health departments recommend using glass, porcelain, or stainless-steel containers, particularly for hot food or drinks.