Grains of Salty Truth

  • Confronting Plastic Pollution at Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans

    “The specialty coffee industry is aware of the problems regarding plastic pollution, for sure... we are looking for sustainable processes that begin with the farmers and end with the person drinking the coffee.”

  • Learn to Make Good Coffee!

    Today is March 365+, 2020 and I still need coffee as much as I need the ritual to make that goodness. In steps James Hoffmann and his seductive accent. The first time I applied James' technique my coffee was noticeably more delightful. There is value in learning how to do things better. What a pleasant reminder that, sometimes, it’s okay to walk away from what you feel is “correct.”

  • Multisensory Experience of Coffee

    Whether conscious or not, we rarely drink anything without first having made a prediction about how it will taste. The coffee cup has an outsized impact on the experience of drinking coffee. Research points to specific characteristics of coffee cups that are important including color, weight, size, texture, and shape.
  • A Health Reason to Ditch Single-Use Cups

    While awareness is increasing around the harm that single-use cups can wreak on the environment, a new study reveals that disposable plastic products could also present hazards to human health.
  • Pandemic Coffee

    The coronavirus pandemic has thrust uncertainty on all of us. This personal essay highlights one small way to maintain a semblance of normalcy amongst the ever changing circumstances.